Year: 2004
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Jigga and the Cali nu-metal rockers took it to the next level on 2004’s one-of-a-kind platinum mash-up EP, Collision Course. The crown jewel of the project was a puree of two of their greatest hits, Hov’s Black Album all-star “99 Problems” and LP’s breakthrough single, “One Step Closer” off their 2000 major-label debut, Hybrid Theory.

But they change it up for the live version, doing “Points” for the first half, as LP’s Mike Shinoda plays the perfect bad cop to Jay on the verses, while the rock-out climax splices the choruses of “99” and “Closer” to blistering effect. Played at the 2004 MTV Mash-up Show at the Roxy in West Hollywood, it’s the hottest live mash-up on record.