Year: 1995
Album: Thank You

Double-D musta loved themselves some blow. And we’re not talking Kurtis. Because they throw everything they ever had into this one and the result is one of the hottest tracks they ever churned out. A scorching ’95 cover of the early Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five anti-/pro-caine hip-hop classic (though Flash has acknowledged the original was Mel’s genius), for this one the Durans even dug up fitness buff Mel for the, uh…icing?  More Power Station than “Rio,” John Taylor gets one of the hottest basslines ever just right and the rest of the Britboys add their classic MTV harmonies that were just made for this one. Few would have expected such hotness from the left-for-dead ‘80s new wavers and Mel, who hadn’t been heard on record in a decade. Freeze…rock!