Year: 1991 
Album: O.G. Original Gangster

Ice linked with his own group of South Central hoodrockers for this critically acclaimed hellraising project. He’s a big TV star and all now so it’s a distant memory, but 20 years ago Body Count’s “Cop Killer” caused Ice to (sorta) get dropped from Warner Bros. amid massive public outcry. The PMRC (remember them?), Tipper Gore, the FBIeven George Bush had something to say. Now the ex-safecracker makes a living playing a cop on TV. Lost in all of that was that the punk-flavored “Cop Killer” was kinda overratedunlike this eponymous thrasher that introduced the group on Ice’s 1991 double LP, O.G. Original Gangster, on which Ice breaks it down: “I don’t think about it as rock, R&B or all of that I just think of it as music, and I feel sorry for anyone who only listens to one form of music… And anyone who thinks I sold out can basically suck my dick cause I really don’t give a fuck about all that…” Word.