From: Los Angeles, CA
Signature Song: Tha Liks "Only When I'm Drunk" (1993)

We're never surprised when preachy conscious rappers don't sell too well. Let's face it-they can get annoying. But it's a mystery why Tha Liks never sold since they were basically party rappers who rapped about "hoes, flows, and 40 oz." and dropped laugh-out-loud lines like, "I'm lookin' for the hoes that got some sex I could borrow/I'll gladly pay you back next Wednesday the 3rd/Why you laughin' at me baby? That's my motherfuckin' word."

Can someone please explain to us why it's 2012 and it feels like Tha Liks never even existed? Sure, the group has long since broken up, but think about it: when was the last time you heard their name brought up a rap convo compared to contemporaries like The Pharcyde? What makes it all the more frustrating is that Liks had several quality albums, a classic single with "Hip-Hop Drunkies" Even Tash's solo album, Rap Life, is pretty damn good. Maybe it's just a case of learning a bit too much from your mentors-they were ushered into the game by King Tee who also finds himself on this slept-on list.