From: Virginia Beach, VA
Signature Song: Clipse f/ Jadakiss, Styles P & Rosco P. Coldchain "I'm Not You" (2002)

In an interview with Karen Civil, Pusha T once explained the Clipse's chemistry: "The dichotomy of the Clipse is one of those things where Malice is more of the thinker and the introspective one and I'm usually known as the wordplay one or the one who is a bit more brash." That about sums it up, though we'd add that Pusha's flow is simply wicked. But as much as we love Push, we have to admit that Malice made Clipse a dynamic duo because he was their conscience in an era where so few rappers had one.

Compared to his little brother, Malice sounds like an old-school rapper. In fact, Malice is much older than you think. How old? He's so old he fought in war in Iraq-the first one! Similar to GZA, Malice wasn't ahead of his time-he was behind it.

But he didn't blow up past his expiration date, instead he aged like fine wine. His cerebral lyrics, often loathing the ugliness drug game, made him one of the most unique rappers of his era. By the mid-aughts, most coke rappers were boasting about moving kilos and flossing chains with little regard for the suffering their actions caused. But Malice often rapped about what Ice-T refers to as "the b-sides of the game"-the darkness that came with selling a product that's akin to selling your soul.

It's no wonder that Malice's best verses were always delivered at the end of Clipse's projects-his was the voice you heard at the end of the day, when your cash has been counted but your sins haven't. On "Ultimate Flow" he laments, "All the money in the world, and I ain't fulfilled." On "Nightmares" he reasons, "They be thinking nice car, nice crib/I be thinking how long will these niggas let me live?" But for his finest moment, look no further than "I'm Not You," which serves as a mission statement for the group. "Deepest regret and sympathy to the street/I see them pay for they fix when they kids couldn't eat (so sorry)/And with this in mind, I still didn't quit/And that's how I know, that I ain't shit."

Pusha may be the one who rides around shining, but it's Malice who has the nightmares. We're hoping he can get his head right and get back in the game because as the OG Ice-T once explained, "There's an entirely other side that only hustlers know about. I would always look at people's music and if I didn't hear that [b-side], then I knew it was fake." We'd describe Malice's music as nothing but the b-side. How real is that? EGHCK!