From: Bronx, NY
Signature Song: Showbiz and A.G. "Fat Pockets" (1992)

Long before Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq reminded us, "If it wasn't for the Bronx, this rap shit wouldn't be going on," A.G. was holding it down for the Boogie Down. Along with his partner Showbiz, A.G. put on for his borough with one of the most distinctly New York rap flows ever.

A.G. not only sounds like he's never heard West Coast hip-hop, he sounds like he's never even heard of California. A Bronx Bomber to the death, he became one of the few regional heros of New York thanks in part to his myopic worldview. He might have seemed closed-minded to some, but to diehard fans of East Coast hip-hop he was simply awesome.