The hate directed at Pitbull seems out of line, if only because he's such an affable guy. After the Internet conspired to send him to Alaska for a (fake) contest performance, the rapper gamely played along, performing at a Kodiak Wal-Mart. But the reasons behind the vitriol directed at him have a lot to do with his decision to leave hip-hop behind and embrace the international-friendly sounds of popular dance music.

He joins similarly-minded artists from the R&B world, like Ne-Yo (with whom he collaborated on 2011's "Give Me Everything"), and the dance world, like Afrojack (ditto), in creating music that is only tenuously rooted in his genre of origin. While he may have been known for his work with Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, today Pitbull is chasing checks to massive stadium performances.

It's an open invite for haters who'd rather see rap artists succeed on the genre's terms, rather than someone else's.