In case you didn't realize, Kreayshawn is female, which is one major strike against a hater-free career just off the top. That she also dares to appeal to women—just look at footage of her shows for evidence—is doubling down for haters, many of whom aren't willing to look at a female rapper who isn't Jean Grae (who, in turn, is herself only appreciated by these guys when she can be used as a point of comparison to which other females could never measure up, an unfair situation for everyone involved).

Her record label's inability to capitalize off of Kreay's buzz, releasing her debut album more than a year after her initial impact, has only proven haters right (at least, in their eyes), although marketplace performance is inconsistently applied to fans of underground hip-hop, and hardly even mattered to heads in earlier eras. It doesn't help that her album didn't deliver on the early promise of "Gucci Gucci," but critics were praying on her downfall from the moment she first appeared on the scene.

The fact that she couldn't replicate her initial hit's success was all the proof they needed. Ironically, it's the album's distance from the pop-rap sound of "Gucci Gucci" that makes her music so much less engaging. White Girl Mob cohort Lil Debbie has actually score a few minor creative successes via YouTube hits like "2 Cups" that are closer in spirit to what folks were looking for from Kreay in the first place.