Gang Starr, Moment of Truth (1998)

Label: Noo Trybe/Virgin/EMI

Roc Marciano: “That’s my favorite Gang Starr album, and that’s saying alot, because they’ve got classics. Gang Starr has like three, arguably four, classics actually. I don’t think they put out a project that’s not a classic, in my opinion. But just to pick my favorite one, it’s Moment of Truth. And why? It’s perfect. That’s why. [Laughs.] It’s produced and written perfectly. It sounds like Preemo at his best, and Guru at his best. The formula was just right.

“‘In Memory Of...’ is one of my favorite songs ever, in any genre of music. That track spiritually moved me. That’s a cold piece of work right there, from that to the title track to ‘Make ‘Em Pay,’ to ‘JFK to LAX.’ Moment of Truth is perfect. All that shit is fire.”