A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders (1993)


Roc Marciano: “That’s my favorite Tribe album. From the start to finish, it’s genius. The beats and everything are just next level for the time it came out. Top of the line. The track ‘Midnight’ is crazy. That track always used to fuck me up. ‘Lyrics To Go,’ the joint with Extra P. There’s just too much. I had to jack the drums on a few tracks off this back in the days.

“I’ve known Tip for a while through Busta, so I guess just him being a friend, it was a natural progression [for us to work together on my Reloaded album cut “Thread Count”]. I’ve been in sessions where he’s working on my music for himself, and vice versa. He’s been in my sessions. So we just ended up linking when the time was right.”