Eric B. & Rakim, Follow the Leader (1988)

Label: Uni/MCA

Roc Marciano:Follow The Leader was my first hip-hop album that I ever got. I loved Paid In Full, but I never had the album. Follow The Leader was given to me as a Christmas present. My mom knew I loved Rakim so she got me the album. Follow The Leader was the coldest piece of work. That put the battery in my back. It was like I saw him, then I was like, ‘This is how I see myself doing it.’

“Rakim is the best. What more can I say about The God? That’s why I even rap. From how they dress, to how they put on for Long Island. Are you serious? The Dapper Dan shit, jumpin’ out the Saab with the long coat. Smooth cold killer shit.

Follow The Leader, you hear the lyrics on that? ‘Microphone Fiend,’ ‘Lyrics of Fury.’ The R, man.