Main Source, Breaking Atoms (1991)

Label: Wild Pitch/EMI

Roc Marciano: “Man. Nothing but fire. You know, ‘Just Hangin’ Out,’ ‘Just a Friendly Game of Baseball,’ all those tracks are relevant to this day. We rode out hard to that album, straight up.

“Large Professor, that’s my big brother right there. I met him about ‘99, 2000, when Busta was recording Anarchy. There was a shift going on in the game, and dudes like Large Professor and Pete Rock were coming out of the 90’s and weren’t highly favored. You know, in the 90’s if you had a Large Professor beat, it was like, ‘What? You got a Large Professor beat? That’s crazy.’ So when Busta was recording Anarchy, me coming fresh out of the 90’s, I was like, ‘Where these dudes at? Where’s Large?’ And Busta was like, ‘Word, let’s call Large up.’ And he came through the studio, and we’ve been kicking it ever since.’”