Venue: Danforth Music Hall

Who cares about sleep when you’re traveling with Rihanna? Not many. Yet. After flying from Los Angeles to Mexico City for Rihanna’s first show of the tour, the 777 jet took off Canada-way. This time around, a notable passenger—Rihanna—was nowhere to be seen on the flight. This was yet to be a factor in the proceedings.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: 
We are on a strict plane schedule so there hasn't been much time for going outside of venues, unfortunately.

Elliott Wilson: 
Bye Mex-ico! On an airplane to Toronto, ya bish!

Tim Dormer: 
Today Toronto. My new best friend is sleeping tablets.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: 
Warped thru Bermuda wormhole chartered by RocNation, currently recuperating in Canadian iron lung.

Maud Deitch: 
Oh Canada, I love you.

Elliott Wilson:
Woke up in Toronto. Round 2! Let's go!

Soo-Young Kim:
Just landed in Toronto. Everyone on the Rihanna Plane looks like a zombie!

J. Escobedo Shepherd: 
Death knell, body is revolting, also I feel insane. Jetlag + lung infection + sleep deprivation but I have a bottle of reb'l fleur!

Mary H.K. Choi:
I am keeping this free bottle of reb'l fleur! You leave me ALONE! There are also socks with her face on them!

Erika Ramirez: 
I've had Rihanna songs in my head since last night's concert. AH! SHE'S TAKING OVER and I’m making Jeff Rosenthal tell me to stop as I sing along.

After landing via red-eye in Toronto, delays forced the 300-plus crew to move almost directly to the show at the Danforth Music Hall leaving them little to no time to eat a full meal, nap, or meander around the city. Some were excited about Canadian snacks, others, not so much. Speculations hovered that Toronto’s very own Drake would show up at the performance, which the crew was on their way to.

Jason Newman: 
In Toronto for the 777 Tour, curling is on TV on what I can only imagine is The Stereotype Channel.

Tim Dormer:
This shit is just crazy! On the bus on the way to next show, freezing my nuts off in Toronto!

Mary H.K. Choi:
I just ate so many wine gums and not nearly enough anything else.

Tim Dormer:
Canadian salmon sashimi for dinner! Toronto is freezing!

Maud Deitch:
Absolutely gutted that the hotel shop doesn't have all dressed chips. Is that not a thing they have in Ontario? Ended up with BBQ crispers which taste off. Sigh. Poutine is happening though, definitely.

Erika Ramirez:
Expected to hear more speculation of Drake showing up at tonight's show but newp.

J. Escobedo Shepherd:
CBC News on the TV speculating that Dreezballz might show up at the RiRi show tonight.

Erika Ramirez:
Been a bit quiet: writing and wandering the Sheraton hotel to get first and maybe only meal of the day.

J. Escobedo Shepherd:

Gabe and his fallen mustache may have been an early indicator of what was to come, as the second performance of the tour began.

Elliott Wilson: Show.

Soo-Young Kim: Toronto venue security is making sure everyone is in their assigned seats.

Elliott Wilson: Toronto where y'all at? Rihanna hittin stage in a few! 

Maud Deitch: Toronto is so ready.

Soo-Young Kim: Toronto loves T-Pain.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: We are all non-conflict diamonds in Rihanna's eyes.

Erika Ramirez: Dear Toronto navy, I don't understand why you just won't dance to "Bandz a Make Her Dance."

Julieanne Smolinski: Shown: sweet lasers. Not visible: Rihanna's smoking hot drummer.

Soo-Young Kim: FYI Rihanna ties everything around her waist. Trend still strong.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: JUST A HUNCH but when Ri sat down for beginning of "Man Down" I was like MAYBE IT'S JETLAG?

Erika Ramirez: Rih seems a baby bit tuckered. Or jet-lagged?

J. Escobedo Shepherd: This chick Ri just did a vogue runway turn, then did a shot of some style of booze.

Elliott Wilson: Suck her cockiness T Dot.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Way less audience members iPad recording this Toronto show than in DF. Mexico City gets theirs.

Elliott Wilson: Rih City, bitch!

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Best thing about Ri is she has no choreo, just freestyle dances, so sometimes fucks it up and laughs at herself and it's super cute.

Elliott Wilson: She found love in a hopeless place, son.

Soo-Young Kim: Confirmation: the confusing lyrics to "only girl in the world" IS "hot bride" after all.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: She just asked Jen for another drink, might be slightly twistado? Still wearing heels I trip on just looking at. "Diamonds" now.

Soo-Young Kim: I need an Adam Selman bra in my life.

Erika Ramirez:  Reminder to self: learn moves from "Where Have You Been?"

Soo-Young Kim: Umbrella is forever.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Gabe is in a jovial mood.

Was he? Everyone did in fact make it to the show, Rihanna nailed her set, and he was able to get everyone back on the bus back to the airport in time.

Erika Ramirez: Minutes into the bus ride from the venue to the airport and "Crew Love" starts playing.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: One thing about this trip is food is like, a Jesus face in a pizza. We're gonna start crossbowing each other to get it soon.

Tim Dormer: 2 down, 5 to go!

Elliott Wilson: Next stop: Stockholm Sweden. 8 hour flight! 

J. Escobedo Shepherd: "It's gonna be party time on the plane tonight" -anonymous official source. 8 hours to Stockholm!

Maud Deitch: Off to Stockholm. 8 hours on Air Rihanna are bound to be a wild ride.

Elliott Wilson: Lift off!

Two shows down, and the crew is back on board. Yet: Eight hours, 300-plus people, and cranky journalists who haven’t seen sunlight or had hot food in 48 hours. The Rihanna navy? They’re fine. Their commander? Yet to be seen on the plane since LAX.