The Oral History of The Rihanna 150: A #777 Tour Survival Story

Day Three: Toronto to Stockholm

Venue: Berns Salonger

Eight hours from Toronto to Europe, and signs of wear were beginning to surface. What was the longest flight of the tour thus far started to produce a certain measure of anxiety.

Erika Ramirez:
Wow, 3 p.m. here. Just hopped on the bus straight from the plane and of course Elliott Wilson is already turnt up.

Elliott Wilson:
Wheels down! Stockholm. Muthafuckin Sweden.

J. Escobedo Shepherd
: I puked up my first ever 5 hour energy drink last night.

Elliott Wilson: 
Jet Life.

Tim Dormer:
What's Sweden famous for besides Ikea and ABBA? 3rd stop Stockholm here we come baby! Three more sleeps until Unapologetic!

Jeff Rosenthal: I miss sleep, Internet and not having Rihanna songs stuck in my head.

Jason Newman:
For the first time in my life, I had to Google "What time is it?"

Maud Deitch: 
I've completely lost all sense of time, am living in a fugue state beyond jetlag.

Elliott Wilson:
We out chea.

Mary H.K. Choi:
We are in Stockholm! It's dark at 4 p.m. We feel crazy. J. Escobedo Shepherd can't stop talking about the Mayan apocalypse. VERY REASSURING.

J. Escobedo Shepherd:
Sweating profusely in Stockholm, got 3 hours of plane sleep, sitting on a bus in pitch dark at 4 p.m. Beginning stages of Lord of the Flies.

Jason Newman: 
It's a sad day. Or night. Or whatever day it is.

J. Escobedo Shepherd:
We are definitely going to kill each other at some point, sparked by delirium and food.

Maud Deitch:
Gabe will protect us.

J. Escobedo Shepherd:
This might permanently alter my sanity, clearly "rock star" is a job I wouldn't acclimate to very well travelwise.

According to J. Escobedo Shepherd, Gabe speaks up: “At this point, it's just survival tactics" which sends others into sheer panic. Questions were asked:

Mary H.K. Choi:
What if the world ended but we didn't know because we were on the plane? What if only we were left?

And then, the hunger pangs truly kicked in.

Soo-Young Kim: Everything's closed at the airport.


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