Venue: Le Trianon

Up early, the crew heads out of their hotel for the brief two hour flight to Paris. Tonight, Rihanna will perform at Le Trianon, a historical landmark and renovated theatre in the heart of Paris. The journalists may even get a few minutes to sightsee, or so they hope.

Elliott Wilson: Barely up! Off to Paris.

Maud Deitch: So excited about going to Paris that I feel on the verge of crying uncontrollably out of joy.

Erika Ramirez: I think I just fell asleep sitting up & while eating breakfast.

Jeff Rosenthal: Are we dead?

Erika Ramirez: No. Yes.

Elliott Wilson: Team fuck sleep.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Swedish radio is playing MC Hammer "U Can't Touch This." America, where is the love?

Erika Ramirez: Don't think Gabe is a morning person.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Got some powerful swedish cough drops, strepsils in honung + citron.

Erika Ramirez: Just fell asleep for a sec and rammed my head into the seat in front of me.

Jeff Rosenthal: Bus two's prom is gonna be so awesome. It's gonna have an underwater theme.

Elliott Wilson: Lift off.

After two and a half hours in flight, the crew lands and grabs their luggage. They have one hour to explore Paris and the time is ticking—some are looking for a quick bite, while others try to shop around.

Soo-Young Kim: Hi Paris. Nice to see you again. 


Elliott Wilson: Cause of all the commotion.

Maud Deitch: THE PLANE HAS LANDED IN PARIS WATCH OUT EVERYONE. We're fully acclimated to Rihanna Plane life and now we're READY.

Elliott Wilson: Coffee to champagne.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: We have eaten and are relatively docile but baggage claim 24 at DeGaulle is like a White House presser w/o the president. You could cut the thirst with a knife.

Erika Ramirez: Have a new level of respect for touring artists.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Somehow became Gabe's official luggage watcher.

Erika Ramirez: For a second I forgot this ends on Tuesday.

Elliott Wilson: Necole Bitchie tried to take Rih Rih's seat. But I ain't one to gossip. 

J. Escobedo Shepherd: My luggage wishes to inhale the fumes of luggage that has been in the proximity of rihanna's luggage

Maud Deitch: Just put up a blog post while sitting on the floor of the DeGaulles baggage claim.

Tim Dormer: You know you've been sitting on too many planes in tight jeans when you have excess sweat rubbing pimples on your bum.

Erika Ramirez: One hour to get lost and found in Paris.

Maud Deitch: Where in Paris can I get some cheap (sub $100) sneaker wedges? That's the look but also disposable.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Think I'm hungry cause heavy shade emitting from my veins but also this Aus chick is talking to Flip about meeting "exotic" ppl through traveling. She was like, "I am determined to have a mixed race baby."

Elliott Wilson: When you're on the road and you get to eat, it's like a victory. Don't know how you rap niggas do it. Must be the drugs. Ha!

J. Escobedo Shepherd: We just had 30 mins to power-eat at a French buffet for 55 euros a person.

Tim Dormer: Decided to have a dry night for once this week and check out some sights in Paris. Oh and French people still suck.

An hour quickly passes and the crew must get ready for the fourth show. They are, as it were, 'In The Club,' where reality quickly starts to devolve into...something else:

Mary H.K. Choi: There's a panda at the club in Paris.

Erika Ramirez: Rih Rih ain't wearing any pants esta noche.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: Smallest club yet in Paris, feel like maybe 1000 people? She's really going for vibez of intimacy (and legs, damn girl.)

Erika Ramirez: I wouldn't EVER wear pants if I had those legs.

Elliott Wilson: The floor is shakin.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: I have never seen any musician 7 times except for those I was dating. Does that mean I am dating Rihanna?

Elliott Wilson: After the Rih Rih show is the afterparty!

Post-show, Rihanna doesn't refuse another afterparty. This time, she brings out some extra special guests for the event.

Elliott Wilson: DJ playin "Niggas In Paris" in Paris! Of course.

Tim Dormer: Some famous peeps popping up in Rihanna’s crew.

Elliott Wilson: Rihanna just walked in with Puff, Cassie and Pharrell. Here comes Akon.

J. Escobedo Shepherd: HEY! I'm on a midnight bus in Paris going ‘ratchthursday.’

Julieanne Smolinski: 3 a.m. in Paris. In a robe, writing about French mosh pit etiquette. Hey, other lazy kids who questioned the value of algebra classes: WE WON!

And they did win, for now. A fantastic show, a star-studded afterparty, a robe to relax in? How could they complain? But soon enough, they would embark on the most intense journey of the 777 Tour thus far—the voyage from Paris to Berlin.