Album: Driving 88
Label: N/A

“Nigel Mack from Universal, he talked to me like, ‘Yo, this kid Rockie Fresh, he’s blowing up. We’re going to try and do a song together.’ Gave me his email, we linked up. I remember I came home for Christmas break—this is last Christmas. I was working on beats, and I just woke up one morning, my mom was at work, and I had my little set up in the basement for the time I was there. I just was working on some keys and some drums. Recorded a hook—I didn’t have much equipment to record a hook, but I did the best that I could, because I was only going to be at the house for a couple of weeks, and everybody was asleep. I woke up early, I woke up like 6, 7 o’clock, and I just really wanted to record this idea.

“I recorded my little idea, then I sent it to Rockie, then Rockie hit me back like, ‘Man, I really want to record this. My mixtape come out in a couple of weeks, this is about to be one of the best songs on it. He recorded it and put it out, and niggas loved it. It was like a really good response. Me and Rockie, we working on some shit too, still.”

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