Album: Hall Of Fame: Memoirs Of A Detroit Player
Label: G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam

“I think I went out to L.A. He flew me out there to work on his mixtape and his album. This is like March or April, sometime around then. When I got to the studio, he had recorded a reference of a song. It was like, ‘Man I think this could be a really big song, make a beat to it.’ I was in the studio, and he texted me the voice memo, and I kept listening to it, and he was like, ‘Man, make it with this type of bounce. Make it like a really big song.’

“I had recorded some steel drums over it, and that was the beginning. I had like a kick and some claps—this is like same-day everything. It was just forming ideas, me and him. He’s a great writer, and there were a lot of people in the studio. It was just bouncing ideas for the record. It was just a skeleton, and Sean was like, ‘Shit, let’s get some of Young Chop’s drums on here.’ He threw his 808s and some high-hats on it, and we kind of had a skeleton at that moment.

“I remember for months, I would work on the beat like every other day ever since I left L.A. I went back to school and just kept working on it. He hit me up, was like, ‘Yo man, add some new stuff to the beat. I was the beat to be bigger, it’s about to be a really big song.’ I just started added more sounds to it, added some keys to it, a bunch of different strings to it, just to give it this more, like, this feel. Like this epic, stadium type feel. I just wanted to give it this type of emotion, and I just added. I would just add stuff to it like every other day. Whenever I had free time, I would just listen to it and want to improve it.

“We went to the studio, not too long ago. This was about last weekend, just came from L.A. working on some sessions with some writers. He hit me up like, ‘Before you go back to school, I want to finish up ‘Guap.’ When I got off the phone with Sean, Sean’s manager hit me up like, ‘’Guap’ is about to be the first single for Sean’s album.’

“We all went to the studio that night, and he was like, ‘Let’s work, let’s finish up this ‘Guap.’ I was like, ‘I already recorded a new version of ‘Guap.’’ He’s like, ‘You did?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, a couple weeks ago.’ I played it for him, and usually Sean, he wants everything to be perfect, and that’s what I fuck with about Sean. He wants everything to be A1, and that’s dope. I was thinking, ‘He might find something in this song that might need to be changed.’ I was ready for that. Then he heard it, he was like, ‘Hell yeah, this shit’s dope. Let’s load this up and get to finishing this track.’ We just added some extra stuff, chopped up some things at the end, and that was it.

“At first it was nothing but those steel drums. I had did some claps in the background, some kicks, and Chop’s 808, and I added the strings and some keys and all the big instruments at the end. It’s just a great outcome. That was the first day I met Chop too. We just be in the studio. We cool. That’s my little bro.”

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