Album: Cocky & Confident
Label: E1 Music
Producer: Leroy "Precise" Edwards

Juvenile: “I was just paying attention to where the industry was. I wanted to do something a little different but still get my point across so people could see where Juve was at. It was more like a get my flow on type of thing. That was another song that was a shocker because when I recorded I never thought it was going to be a single. I just thought it was going to be a song on the album but you get different reactions from different people and some of the right people like that song. I had to run with it.

“There's always that one person that's probably not in the music industry [that’s that right person]. I [value] his judgement. His judgement has helped me throughout my career from the beginning. My brother and the other cat is a close friend, he’s like a brother. I like their opinions because they don't agree with me. We get to arguing. I don't like people who just sit there and agree with everything I say. I don't like yes men.”