Justin Beiber’s in-depth interview with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter aired Sunday night. The pop star touched on plenty of topics such as having a tight circle of friends and his relationship with Selena Gomez.

“I really don’t have a lot of friends," he said. "I have three close friends. You just feel sometimes that you need someone to be there with you. I get days where I’m just down and gloomy.”

Bieber’s gloominess most likely doesn’t come from his break-up with Gomez. This interview took place back in October and his comments here on her were nothing but pleasant.  “I am all about genuine people, and I feel like she’s just one of the most genuine people,” he said. “She just has a good heart. And I can talk to her about anything.”

The duo also discussed his family—Bieber’s mom Pattie, dad Jeremy, and more. He admits speaking with many people close to him helps keep things in order. “Everyone is pulling me in 30 different directions," he said. "I have to remember to take time for myself and talk to people I love, so I am not keeping everything in my head and having 50,000 thoughts when I go to sleep.”

[via Fuse]