Label: RCA

Jesse Marco: "Like I said with Morrissey [of The Smiths], I won't be buying tickets to see David Bowie, like I wouldn't be the first on-line or anything. I have every David Bowie record on vinyl, and I only did it because I think a lot of songs of his, and also being a record collector, a lot of the songs that I like are spread out across the gamut.

"I definitely listen to a wide variety of albums from him, but the Changes album is probably the one that sticks out the most. Definitely in the same phase as The Smiths and The Cure in listening to Changes.

"I'm going and remembering, because I'm going in my iTunes, and I have all the David Bowie shit, and I'm forgetting what songs are on what albums and stuff. It [Changes] has the more classic David Bowie stuff, like the more rock-and-roll. It has 'Rebel, Rebel,' which is one of my favorite David Bowie songs, and it just doesn't get a lot of love. It's also quintessential, and a benchblock for a DJ. His album covers are also really crazy."