Label: Tuff Gong, Island

Jesse Marco: "I love Bob and everything he's done, and this is another Smiths scenario where like I'll pick out certain things from certain albums. Uprising is actually not his first album, and not the most critically acclaimed. Just like, it has some more, like more mellow-ey, deeper meaning kind of stuff on it. It has 'Redemption Song' on it which is my favorite Bob Marley song. That's why I sort of picked that one. I could've put a bunch of others.

"As a listener, he always makes me feel inclined to slow things down, and think about things, and that's important. That's what made him so special, that he made you question shit. For an artist to be able to do that in a way where he's connecting everyone, and not separating by their differences and stuff like that-it sounds corny as fuck, but it's just the truth, and that's why he's one of the greats.

"Obviously as a kid and as a teenager, that was... I smoked a lot of weed with Bob. [Laughs.]"