Label: Slip-N-Slide, Warlock

Gunplay: "It was time for Miami to shine, and he was definitely the epitome of a Miami nigga. Yeah most definitely [hung out with Trick]. I ain't no groupie nigga like that, so we just be chilling.

"'Gotta change my life/Lord knows I ain't livin right/Y'all know I ain't chillin right/Smokin out everyday and night/Gotta ease my mind/Gotta find time to rewind.' That song right there.

"[His rap style] was Miami. I could relate to it because he was from Miami. He sounded like a Miami nigga. Every time you listen to music, you're hearing somebody that's from New York, somebody that's from Cali, from Texas. You never hear nobody from Miami. So, when he finally came on the scene, it was a breath of fresh air for Miami."