Label: Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam, Poe Boy

Gunplay: "[I met Ross] through a mutual friend in the neighborhood. Doing what hustlers do. Just met up, started doing the rap thing, made history. [We met] about '95, 96. [We met from] something else in the hood. He was starting out, I was too. I just followed his lead.

"It was the first album I had the blessing to see start from the beginning to the end. From starting an album to finishing it, and selling as many records as he did. It was just dope and it was great music. [The most interesting part was] just seeing and getting a blueprint on how to do it. So, I took notes. 'Hustlin' [was my favorite]...I remember when he got the beat and he was doing the beat. I just felt it, I was like, 'That's a hit.' He felt the same thing and he laid it down."

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