Label: Death Row, Interscope

Gunplay: "I was just trying to find my way in life. Literally trying to find what I wanted to do with myself. Do I really want to take this rap serious? When he died, I felt like somebody gotta pick up where he left off. Not saying it will be me, but nobody really ever filled that void when he passed. So I filled that for myself.

"When I talk about my music, I talk to the have-nots that's looking for a brighter future. I'm not talking like I got a million dollars already, glorifying my money all the time. I'm always thinking about, 'What would Pac say?' how he would do it. I wasn't really [rapping seriously] then, I took it serious recently, the last couple years. Just everything that was going on with him and Death Row. I just knew that he was gonna come with that energy. We knew he was coming with it."