Label: Columbia

Freeway: ”Nas is one of my favorite MCs. Illmatic is another thing from beginning to end. ‘Life’s A Bitch,’ I love how he brought his man on, when AZ came on with that different crazy flow. When you first heard Nas you’re like, ‘Damn, this nigga’s hot. He got another nigga that’s just as hot as him?’

”I dissed Nas when Nas was going through it with Jay, but I was riding for the team. I really had a lot of love for Nas. When I used to rap back in the day, they used to call me ‘The Philly Nas.’

”I’ve got a cool little story about Nas. It was at the “Roc Boys” video, he was leaving and I was going in. I stopped and was like, ‘Yo man, I know I dissed you and all that shit before but I really love your music. I’m a huge fan.’ He was like, ‘Yo, I love your music too.’ He gave me a handshake and we embraced. Then, he got in Jay’s Maybach and then he got out, like “Woah, this is not my Maybach.’

”Just moments like that make me really appreciate. I always had the drive and I always felt as though I could do it. But for me to be able hear Nas say he love my music too? He could have just been saying that shit, but if he really do, that would mean a lot to me.”