Freeway's 25 Favorite Albums

Jay-Z, American Gangster (2007)

Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

Freeway: "That joint was just Jay-Z at his finest. From beginning to end, he was going in. He had Nas on 'Success,' which was amazing to me. The song with Beans, 'Ignorant Shit.' I loved that record. I did a couple verses to that beat too because I loved that beat.

“When I used to hear that shit, I think it was Don Demarco or somebody that had that on their mixtape. It was a little distorted. You couldn’t hear it all the way, but you could hear it. I was like, ‘This shit right here, is fucking bananas.’ There’s so many good records on there. That’s a great album.”

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