Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

Freeway: ”They say it takes your whole life to come up with your debut album and I definitely agree with that. My first album was all my passion and everything I’ve been through in the streets.

“I remember me loving it, but still being nervous about it. The week that it was getting ready to come out, I remember clearly. I was going into a radio station in Virginia, and it was probably two weeks before my album came out. I was like, ‘Oh shit. Is the world gonna like this? I feel good about it, but is the world really gonna accept me?’

“I wasn’t trying to be like nobody else. I wasn’t trying to rap like Jay or Beans or Bleek. I really was doing me, so I was so nervous to see if the world would accept me as I am, with no gimmicks and nothing else.

“When it came out, I think I sold 155 or something the first week and everybody love it to this day. Some people say it’s a classic, so I’m pleased with it.”