Label: Epic

Dom Kennedy: "Thriller is probably a good album, but I like Off The Wall. I like the songwriting more. I think Off The Wall is going to be how the Yellow Album will be for me. It’s not going to be my biggest thing for sure, but it shows like the start of something. I feel like that’s what it shows with Michael Jackson. Quincy Jones. All that shit. It was the start of what they was about to do. How big they was about to get.

"You could see in the quickness and the innocence of the album cover with the socks. And the smile and the woo-woo. He wasn’t the leather jacket with all the zippers. Crazy. The world didn’t make him crazy yet. It had real dope shit and I like the spirit of the songs. “Rock With You” and shit like that. The spirit of those records will make you feel good about your own life. Like, 'I’m alive.' You was alive when you heard some shit like that with other people. It’s tight."