Label: Death Row, Interscope

Dom Kennedy: "That All Eyez On Me was big just because it’s the biggest selling West Coast album of all time. I remember the impact of it when it dropped. I remember being in Leimert and the older guys I looked up to and they were rappers. I remember—the day that album came out—it was a real meeting like this. Going into the homie room. Everybody smoking. People just sitting in there listening to the CD. It was that important. I remember the album cover being on the floor. The radio right there and everybody is just listening. It was like school or something just to see what it was talking about. And in that moment always stood in my mind. It’s just important.

"This rap shit. When it is done right and when you do what you supposed to do than it’s really important. People really pay attention. And it’s your job to really give them something and to say something. I just feel like Tupac was the best at that. A lot of other things could be debated, but in terms of significance and impact. It’s really a no-brainer. It’s for people who really listen to and whose word who travels the furthest. Tupac is just the guy. So that All Eyes On Me is the staple, the standard for what I’m trying to surpass for a West Coast album."