Album: No Mercy
Label: Atlantic Records, Grand Hustle Records

DJ Toomp: “'Yeah Ya Know' ended up being in the Takers movie. Originally that song was made for the movie, and the movie studio just wanted something big, a 'What You Know' type feel. I mean, as far as 'What You Know,' I got tracks just as hard or maybe harder, but the right song has to be put to it. The only thing I didn’t like about 'Yeah Ya Know' was Tip’s rhyme speed. I told Tip, 'Man, you need to slow the pace of your raps down.’ Because that’s what made people like ‘What Ya Know,’ is the fact that you could grasp the lyrics a lot easier.

“'What You know' had a bouncing ball type melody, but on 'Yeah Ya Know,' he was rapping kind of fast and till this day a lot of people still don’t know the words to that song, cause he was rapping so fast. I begged him to turn the pace down on that one but he liked it the way it was. He’s very firm [when it comes to his opinion]…but I’m very firm too. There’s a fine line between firm and stubborn. But hey, ninety-percent of us are guilty of that.”