Album: I'm Serious
Label: Arista Records

DJ Toomp: “'Do It' was an influence of some of the stuff Cash Money was doing. 'Back Dat Azz Up' and a few other joints they had around that tempo. That’s when that New Orleans sound started coming through.

“Tip originally came up with the title, 'Dat Azz'—that’s what we called it at first. But then we were like, 'Okay, that can’t be your title'…

“When he rhymed over it, the way he put it together, I remember everybody was like, 'Aight, this is pretty nice.' But then after awhile we started catching on to the little rhythm of it more and were like, 'Damn, this could make the album.' At first we thought it would just be a little mixtape song, but when we started seeing the reaction from people, we were definitely like, 'Let’s put this on the album.”'