Album: Trap Muzik
Label: Grand Hustle Records, Atlantic Records

DJ Toomp: “It took me only three hours to make 'Be Easy.' Usually, it may take me about fifteen to twenty minutes to put a beat together. To really finish it, may take a good two hours. If anything, what actually takes long is just digging through crates, listening to old records. But once I find a sample that I like, it don’t take no time.

“I sampled Al Hudson, 'Somebody to Love' for the track. Originally the song kind of reminded me of a gospel record. When I made the record, I was definitely thinking about Tip, I had him in mind—just the whole flow of it, the pianos that I heard at the beginning.

“I remember thinking, 'How can I give this song a whole other kick, another bounce?' I kept listening to it, seeing what I could add in. What I wound up doing was put my bounce to it with the 808, and I put a few horns in it and gave those pianos a whole ‘nother feel.

“I feel like 'Be Easy' was the start of that whole 'trap' sound. Even Shawty Redd said that 'Be Easy' was one of his favorite records. Today I can listen to some of the stuff he’s done for Jeezy and tell where he got that bounce from.”