Album: L.A.X.
Label: Geffen Records

DJ Toomp: “I made 'House of Pain' in Atlanta, but I knew an LA artist was going to get on it just because of the way the drums are. I was thinking Snoop [would]. It’s a certain little pace the West Coast is on.

“The Game wound up with it. That was my first time meeting him, but I was definitely digging what he was doing. When it was time for me to go down and see him in LA, I played the track and he was like, 'Oh shit, run that one again!' He started rapping to that one on the spot—he hit the booth in like seconds.

“I’ve never seen Game write anything down. He’s incredible.

“I noticed that he got a whole lot of people that run with him. It was at least fifteen folks in the studio, a whole gang of them niggas. I think I only had like two or three people with me. But I’m from the streets myself so I know how to move around out here. Whenever I hear people say things like, 'I heard he’s difficult, I heard [his crew] wild…' I be like, 'Well, that shit didn’t happen around me. They were cool.' Everybody in Game’s crew cool. It was a smoke-filled room and good atmosphere. Reminded me of some OG shit, plus around that time I had given Glasses Malone a banger too, a song called 'Certified' and he’s from Watts.

“I caught maybe forty percent of what Game did for 'House of Pain,' and then I ended up coming back to Atlanta. What most artists do is when they hear a track, whatever’s in their head around the time they first hear it, they’ll lay that down and come back to the song later on.

The people from Interscope emailed me the completed version. They were like, 'Yo, what you think?' And when I heard it I was like, 'Damn… he killed it.'”