Uploaded: August 27, 2012

Mixtape: Next 2 Blow

DGainz: “I originally met M.I.C. when they sent me some emails to book visuals and I listened to one of the songs that was in the email and it was a song by IL Will, who is in the group. It was called ‘I Can’t Go’ and it was off a Chop beat, I remember hearing it, like damn this song is nice. I ended up shooting a video for that, and that’s what brought us in tune with each other.

“They wanted me to shoot something else and they sent me two songs. They sent me ‘Same Shit, Different Day’ and they sent me ‘All We Know Is Drill.’ I remember I didn’t even listen to the song ‘cause it had ‘Drill’ in it and around that time everybody was complaining about the ‘Drill’ [stuff] and I was really trying to get away from that so I really didn’t even take a chance with the record. I listened to “Same Shit, Different Day’ and I thought damn this song is cold.

“The day of the video shoot I told them I wanted a girl to be dancing and all this mess and they like, ‘Why you want a girl dancing?’ I told them why and they, ‘Oh, we thought you were shooting ‘All We Know Is Drill.’ I’m like no, I want to shoot the other song. For the convenience I said I would just go ahead and shoot it. I remember even shooting it thinking damn, this is just another hood video. So in my mind I was thinking I gotta make it look like more than that. So that’s why I applied the filter I did and did all the editing I did just to bring out that it was more than hood video. I tried to make it more live, and it ended up being one of my favorite visuals I’veI shot today.”