Uploaded: October 18, 2009

Mixtape: N/A 

DGainz: "‘I Be Silly,’ with that one I had already did three other videos before with Lil Kenny, before that one. I wanted to do a new video for him, so I went in the studio, I made a beat and I just came up with the hook (“I, I, I be silly”) and then I wrote the verses to it. Halloween was coming up, after I made the song. He just happened to have the Halloween costume that he had on [in the video], the skeleton.

“We shot the video in the studio. Had a black screen set up with a white wall on the other side. I shot the video with a Kodak camera, I remember it was a small green Kodak camera.

“[Lil Kenny]is my cousin, I think he was eight when we shot that video. [I was] basically playing off of his personality. In the video he was dancing, so just show how entertaining he is without even really trying. I played off of the hook, and the skeleton outfit was really a plus. He just so happened to have it, and I’m like this fits right here to it. So I just played it off like a fun video, something that kids and, I think, adults would love.”