Uploaded: March 28, 2012

Mixtape: I'm Still a Hitta

DGainz: “That video, I remember originally one of the guys played it on his phone like, ‘Here you go, Durk wants you to shoot a video for it.’ And I couldn’t really hear it on a phone so I didn’t know how to judge it. On the day we were first finna start shooting, they picked me up--we were over at TD’s  spot with Keef [the loft where “I Don’t Like” video was shot]. I think I was over there with them, showing them the Louie ‘Motion Picture’ video. I got in the car with Durk and I remember him playing me the song. I’m like, damn, this shit cold--it just comes in, ‘L’s Up for them Hittas,’ I’m like, Durk killed it.

“We didn’t have any particular ideas for the video, like the idea I really heard in my head I knew I couldn’t do because it wasn’t no budget, none of us had money, so I’m just gonna have to make something happen with it. A lot of the ideas I had for the video we didn’t even use. It ended up taking like a month to shoot the video. We weren’t shooting for a whole month, but it didn’t get completed for a month. We shot like a scene a week. There was problems with the camera, then they was having little problems with this and that. That’s why the video is kind of all over the place. A lot of the scenes don’t match up because it took so long.

“I felt like the video could have turned out way better. The song had an okay video but I didn’t feel it was as good as the song. I wanted to do like a big group scene, with like everybody throwing up the L’s. Like it’s ‘L’s Anthem,’ I wanted it to do it like an anthem, like something big. An anthem, like they’re really representing what they talking about.”