Uploaded: March 5, 2011

Mixtape: I'm A Hitta

DGainz: “I met Durk in 2009. a guy that I was working with by the name of Boojie, he brought Durk over to my house to produce his song and they ended up spending the night because it was so late. And we just recorded it. Durk ended up sleeping in the studio on the floor. [Laughs.]

“I didn’t know Durk, but I got like a bad vibe from him because he was quiet, so I thought he was like on some sneaky stuff. Then he was trying to talk to my sister so I definitely didn’t like him after that [laughs]. But from that day I recorded with him once after, ‘cause he knew my younger uncle, they went to the same school, Robeson [High School]. And after that I didn’t see him again until like a year later at a party. He was like, ‘Man, I want to work with you.’ He ended up hitting me up on Facebook, and we ended up doing the ‘Sneak Dissin’’ video in January of 2011. And it had good feedback that I wasn’t getting on videos at first. I thought, oh, I got something here.

“He’s got like a harmony to his voice. I like the Durk songs when he’s not more so rapping but he’s kind of singing. He’s sing-rapping in his own style though. And he’s got this light voice. What he’s talking about really doesn’t match his voice, but that’s what makes him different.

“I started recording for Durk, and like the day we shot the ‘Sneak Dissin’’ video I let him hear the ‘I’m A Hitta’ beat when I was playing all my beats on my iPod, he kept going back to it like, ‘I want this one.’ But that beat, I had already promised somebody the beat. I told them, ‘Durk wants this, is that cool if I give it to him?’ They said, ‘Go ahead.’

“So then I took all my studio equipment over to Durk’s house and we recorded the song. I don’t think we finished it the first day, so I went back over there and we finished the song [a second day]. When we were playing the song everybody was coming in and going crazy. Like, ‘Damn, that shit is a hit.’ So then I wanted to do like a little preview video to it just to let people hear a preview of the song. So we shot like a two-minute quick video, with just three scenes. And we just blew up. When I put it out everybody was just going crazy.

“I actually had shot two videos that day. I went to my guy Billionaire Black’s crib and I recorded a song for him and shot the video, then I left his house and went to Durk’s and shot the video. And I put them both out the next day.

“By that time I had my first camera, that was the Canon T1a.”