Uploaded: December 28, 2011

Mixtape: Swagg Season

DGainz: “With that video, we shot it on two different days. The first day we shot it at one of his guy’s cribs, with the bedroom scene. I used a fisheye lens and we filmed it. I loved the vibe of the song and the beat was so clean. After we shot the first scene we ended up going downtown, and it was December so we had leather jackets--it was freezing. I’m talking unbearable cold. It was so cold when we was shooting.

“We ended up scheduling it for the next morning, and we shot some more scenes. We shot most of it in the Hyde Park area. We went to a pizza place, we shot something in a cigar store, we shot one scene in front of Giordano’s. The vibe of how the video turned out flowed perfectly. It couldn’t have come out any better. Even the quality didn’t have the best quality, but I felt the dull look of the quality fit right with the vibe of the song. It came out perfectly, that’s why it’s one of my favorite videos.

"With the fisheye lens, I was really trying to go with the Hype Williams feel. He’s known for using the fisheye, so when I was in the editing process I was going for a Hype Williams feel, that’s one of my biggest inspirations.

“I originally met him--where they hang out over East is where my aunt stays. And he was friends with my cousin, and I was just over there one day. My cousins had showed him and all his guys my videos and everything. I remember coming to my cousins’ house and him and some of his guys were up there, and I ain’t know them. When I looked at him, he was like ‘Hey man you look familiar.’ I’m like, ‘what, you seen me on YouTube?’ ‘Yeah.’ They were like, ‘That’s my cousin. You need to mess with Mille, Mille got bars.’ I’m like, who’s Mille? And he was just looking at me.

“I remember adding him on my Facebook. So I did like a contest on Facebook to do a free video. I was like, everybody send me some music, whoever has the best song, I’ll do a video for them. I remember putting it up there and he kept commenting like, ‘I won, I know I won.’ I listened to his song and at first I didn’t like it. It was ‘Catch Me Swagging.’ I remember listening to it, thinking ‘this is aight.’ But then the song was stuck in my head, it was one of them songs where you walk away from the radio but it just keeps playing in your head and you want to listen to it again. I thought that was cool, I was like, I actually like this shit.

“So I put it on Facebook, ‘the winner is Chris Mille.’ And then we went and shot that video. It was cold, we shot it early in the morning. I remember being cold that morning. It was a quick video, an hour long at the most, probably 45 minutes when we shot it. I put it up the same day we shot the video, I put it up that afternoon.

“He got kind of a slow flow, like a 2 Chainz punch line, like the kind of funny, and it make sense in his own way. I don’t know, it’s just something different. And he has a good beat selection, he know how to pick beats and instrumentals.”