Uploaded: December 30, 2011

Mixtape: N/A

DGainz: “I always wanted to shoot a video in the El Station. I was always like, man, it would be dope to shoot something in an El car. I remember watching New York videos of breakdancing on the trains. And seeing Step Up, seeing them breakdance on trains. I was like, man I’d love to show off our El, do something like that.

“So when I they originally recorded the song, I had no ideas what to do with it. It was one of those songs where you just kind of have to go off a random idea, like you can do anything with the song because it’s not a particular subject. So I remember telling them I wanted to shoot at the El Station.

“We all met up at the studio, and we all got on the train on the Green Line and we just started shooting. Then I’m like, ‘let’s go to the Blue Line, there are a lot of weird people down there.’ I know there be people down there playing piano and all types of stuff, and I remember this lady down there with blue hair playing a trumpet or some shit. When we was shooting, she got up and was like, ‘Can I get in this video?’ We said yeah, and she got to dance. That made the night, seeing her, that was hilarious. We had fun overall, going from the Blue Line and going to the Red Line and riding all the way to 95th. I remember people filming us on their cell phones. It was fun, there wasn’t no immaturity, nobody was fighting, arguing, nothing. It was just a fun video.

“[My brother] Choppa, I actually met him in 2009, like I met him after Vic Mone in the summer, ‘cause I had just started talking to my father when I was 20, and [Choppa] was locked up when I started talking to my father. He got out, and him and my other brother F Dot was into the same stuff, like rapping. So we started a little movement [Buck 20 Brick Boys] in Chicago, we was shooting videos and dropping them like back-to-back. That’s what caught Durk’s attention. He was like, ‘you and your brothers doing your thing.’

“Even with Keef. Keef was rocking with us and hit me up like, ‘Man, fuck with me. You messing with Buck 20 [Brick Boys], I want you to produce for me and do all my videos.’ We was creating a movement, with the music and videos, and I was producing all of his music in the beginning.”

“[But] there was a lot of differences. My brother F Dot got locked up when they was really getting their stuff back in order. Like last year in November. He get out November of this year. But he was getting his stuff together, they was getting shows and this and that. He ended up getting locked up and it pushed it down. It was basically just a lot of differences, not getting along. You know how that stuff goes with groups and family stuff.”