Uploaded: March 11, 2012

Mixtape: Back from the Dead

DGainz: “Keef already had a buzz by then. That was in March, the Worldstar video had already came out, the ‘3Hunna’ video was already doing numbers, like we had already seen he got potential. Soulja Boy had already did a song with him.

“He hadn’t shot a video with me in a while, since ‘Aimed At You,’ which was like five months. I think originally Dro had called me and he said he wanted [another videographer] Zae to shoot the video. He was like, ‘I don’t think you want to shoot the video, so we want Zae to do it.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll shoot it for him, ain’t no problem with me shooting it.’

“I remember hitting up Zae like yeah, come shoot the video with me. And he came over, but his camera quality didn’t match up with mine. I had just gotten my T3i and I didn’t really know how to use it, that’s why the quality wasn’t as good as it could have been.

“Everybody was just kind of chilling, there were a bunch of females there. And I remember saying, ‘let me hear the song.’ It was on a laptop with really small speakers, and they couldn’t find the song on the computer. I was like, damn, we don’t even got the song to shoot the video. ‘What’s the name of it?’ ‘It’s called ‘I Don’t Like.’’ I remember searching with the search bar and I was like, ‘here it is right here!’I remember playing the song thinking this beat is really catchy. And then I was thinking how are we gonna do the video with these little speakers?

“I remember Chop being there, and I was like Chop can you  go get your equipment? I remember Chop leaving and one of the other guys there was like, ‘Want me to grab a bottle?’ There were females there and he was like, ‘I don’t want to be sober right now.’ So we went to the store and grabbed some liquor, and I came back and Chop was setting up his equipment. We just got to drinking, he got to playing a bunch of Keef’s other music, ‘3hunna.’  It was really just everybody chilling and listening to Keef’s music, and then he played ‘I Don’t Like’ and I was just filming them chilling.

I remember him playing the music and I looked over, I see Keef and them over there boppin’ and I’m like yeah, they’re finna start. I just push record, and they got to going crazy. They didn’t even know I was recording at first. If you watch some of the scenes when him and SD are shaking hands, shaking their dreads, they didn’t know I was filming. At the beginning of the video I was on the other side of the room just pointing the camera. That was like the best scene in the video because it was so natural, they didn’t even know I was filming them. Then he turned, saw I was filming and he started interacting with the camera.

“We got to like the third scene and they was like, tired. Like you see them all just standing around at the beginning [of the video], that was the third scene. They was tired. I was like, ‘ya’ll don’t want to shoot more scenes?’ He was like, ‘Hell naw, I’m tired. I’m finna go home’ [laughs].

“The reason why he wanted to shoot the video in the first place was because he was going to court the next day like, ‘I might get locked up.’ Fredo was like, man, we’re gonna shoot some more scenes tomorrow Gaines, because this ain’t enough.’ The next day he got on house arrest. He was like, ‘Just put the video out.’ That’s why it turned out the way it did. It was so simple.”