Uploaded: August 5, 2011

Mixtape: Bang

DGainz: “Originally [Keef] was hitting me up on Facebook. I didn’t know who he was, and around that time it’s when a lot of people were hitting me up. It was summer, I had hella people hitting me up for videos. I just looked at him as another person who was trying to hit me up.

“I had seen a video of him and Lil Reese called ‘In This Bitch’ and I ended up liking the song. The song was stuck in my head, and I thought Lil Reese made the hook, that’s what caught my attention. [raps along] 'I'm the maaan in this bitch.' So I found out that Keef made the hook. So I’m like, he’s decent, but I still didn’t hop on it.

“[Keef] kept hitting me up and I ended up going to Ken’s studio with Lil Durk and he was there. And how he approached me, he was humble. I liked the way he approached me, like, ‘I want to work with you.’ I had my camera with me and I showed him the quality of the camera. He appreciated it, he was like, ‘Man, SD, come look at this camera.’

“So we ended up scheduling to shoot the video the next week and I remember hitting him up before I was getting ready for the shoot, putting on my clothes or whatever. I text him to come pick me up, and he text me back, ‘I’m young’n, I can’t get you.’ I was like, how old are you? I thought he was 18 or 19. So then I ended up having to catch the bus to go shoot the video.

“When I was shooting the video I remember it was super hot. I actually was shooting a video for Sasha the same day but the video shoot didn’t go right, so I just went and shot Keef’s, since her video didn’t come out right. So I shot Keef’s and put up a preview the next day. I had seen the reaction I was getting from the preview. I remember being in the house editing the video and my whole house was singing the song. [Raps] 'Bangbangbang, bang!' I put it out, and it got like-- I didn't expect that, it started doing numbers I didn't even expect on my page.

"The biggest [video] before Keef was probably ‘I’m A Hitta,’ or the ‘Go In [remix]’ from Louie. But then Keef just ended up taking over everything, it ended up having around 400,000 views by the end of last year, with no money behind it, he didn't have a manager. It was just a video. It wasn't even viral.

"[Keef] originally wanted it to look like Fat Trel’s ‘Respect With The Tech,’ and I didn’t really like taking other peoples’ ideas. If I did a video, I wanted it to look like my video. And I kept in mind what he said, but I want this to look like what I want this to look like, what I feel. So that’s why I did the video the way I did.

“[I was trying to] just really fit the song, I hadn’t heard the song until the day of the shoot. when I was coming in he played the song for me in the studio. I really didn’t know what I was going for. As I was shooting, I was just shooting. When I got home I was watching the footage, and I really tried to make the filters and the color really match the video of the song. I felt like the video reminded of me of those African movies or like Haiti with the wild kids with AK’s. It just had that type of feel to it, like a raw uncut type of vibe.”