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A$AP Yams: “I was listening to Jeezy when ain’t nobody knew who the fuck he was. Like, I was fucking with the whole BMF movement from all the way to Blue Davinci and Baby D—all them motherfuckers. I fucked with that whole movement and shit. And Jeezy, the whole shit about that mixtape was, I couldn’t find it in New York. I had to get somebody in Atlanta to ship that motherfucker to me personally to my crib so I could listen to that shit.

“I just bumped that motherfucker like up until his debut album dropped. I’ll still listen to that shit in the motherfucking summertime. Cause, I think what was so dope about Jeezy is that he was simplistic, but he got his point across so well. And it was entertaining too, you know what I’m saying? He was saying funny shit at the same time.

“ And you know Shawty Redd, they really made that  whole, they built that sound today that people still get to. Him, and Shawty Redd, you know what I’m saying? Like he inspired the Gucci Manes, the Zeytovens, the Drumma Boys, the Lex Lugers and shit. See there wouldn’t be them without Shawty Redd. He really set the tone for everything to come after that.”