Label: Legal Hustle/LandSpeed Records

A$AP Yams: “Cormega to me, is like—I remember it was one time, when I was like 13, I went QB and took the train out there, and I was just walking around and shit. I was ignorant to everything. I’m like, ‘Fuck it, I’m out here. I don’t give a fuck.’ I know I’m a whole nother hood and shit, a whole nother borough. Cormega just painted such a vivid picture of Queensbridge and it’s surroundings, that you felt like you lived there, you know what I’m saying? You knew everybody that he shouted out on records like Lil Spic and Yam-bo, nah saying? Killa Black. Like all these motherfuckers on records, and you feel like you knew these motherfuckers personally.

“He paints such a vivid picture of not just his story, but their story, and the Queensbridge story. You feel like you really know what was going down in Queensbridge in the late 80s, early 90s and shit. I think he’s definitely one of the most slept-on ever in my opinion, and he was giving Nas a run for his money at one point.”