Label: Aftermath/Interscope/MCA

A$AP Yams: “Oh man, I’m going to come clean. I love, even back then, I love the The Firm for some reason. That was my shit back in the day. Actually, it was what, November '97 or some shit like that. I remember that, you know I couldn’t buy parental advisory at the time. My momma was up on game and shit like that, she wasn’t playing with that shit.

“I used to be in after school back in the days, and for Christmas, my counselor—he was a dope motherfucker, shout-out to the homie one time—he bought me The Firm album for Christmas. I used to hide that motherfucker under my bed and shit like that.

“The Firm, to me, man they got so much swag back in the days man, it’s so fucked up. Listening to it now, I think besides like two records: besides like the Foxy record and fucking somebody else, pause, and this other record, I think it’s called ‘Firm All-Stars,’ every record on that album is raw as fuck. It was jiggy rapping, but they had motherfuckers really spitting they ass off. You had Nas, you had AZ, you had Half-A-Mill, you know what I’m saying? They was raw, you know, they was about dropping the fight on the tracks, and the fact that they mixed it up with the jiggy rap and you know what I mean, they gave you the fly music with Dre’s beats and shit like that. I think it was a dope ass combination, and in retrospect, I think a lot of people be able to appreciate the album more than they did back in the day.”