Label: Roc-A-FellaDef Jam

A$AP Yams: “Motherfucker I cut school to get The Blueprint. I cut school the day, September 11th, I cut school to go buy The Blueprint. Then the fucking Towers got hit, and my mama went to school, and I wasn’t there. She was flipping. That was my whole memory behind The Blueprint. I was grounded for a good three weeks and shit. I listened to that motherfucker the whole time. I knew every motherfucking word by time I was off punishment.

“It made me appreciate music overall more. Cause kind of like before The Blueprint, I’m not going to lie, I was just listening to rap music. I was just listening, ‘Oh this shit sounds good, this shit sounds crazy right there.’ I wasn’t like digesting them motherfuckers. Then when The Blueprint dropped, the one bar he said on ‘Renegade’ it was like, ‘Do y’all listen to music or do you just skim through it.’ I was like, ‘Oh, shit.’ I started listening to lyrics more after it, and on top off that, I started an appreciation for soul samples more after that, cause I wasn’t really on it like that.

“What’s crazy is, I went back to school after the whole shit dropped, and motherfuckers were like, ‘The Blueprint was whack.’ Motherfuckers in my school like, ‘The Blueprint whack.’ Ghetto Fabolous was hotter than that. They were fucking with Fab’s shit. That shows you, you know what I’m saying? Motherfuckers in my school weren’t ready for that level for music yet. They were still on the whole shit from 2001. Whatever that shit was. That club shit with the jewelry, and the paper-towel bandana shit, you feel me? The Blueprint is definitely there for me.”