Label: Loud/Columbia

A$AP Yams: Murda Muzik, it was just... Shit. Like Murda Muzik was such a crazy record, cause it was like, it was all like hardcore shit. It was like—my pops was listening to ‘It’s Mine’ in the car, in the whip and all that. Even he was listening to that shit, and Murda Muzik was like, after I heard ‘Quiet Song’ for the first time, back in 99, that’s when I was set on Prodigy being my favorite rapper, like, ‘That’s my Number One right there. Fuck everybody else. That’s Number One right there. ‘Quiet Storm.’” And on that album, every P verse is just so memorable, and he was really in rare form on that album.

“It was just so crazy. On top of that, it reminded me of The Tunnel. Just the whole coaster of 99, and The Tunnel of New York and all of that like, how New York sounded back in the day. Like I feel nostalgic listening to Murda Muzik. I be in the crib like fucking listening to like ‘Quiet Storm,’ like my cousins would come over, and they would be expecting to do it cause that shit’s too hardcore. Like, ‘Shorty, what you know about Mobb Deep? What you listening to right now? What is that?’ They probably listening to Jay-Z’s girl’s best friend or something like that, feel me?

“That album really set the appreciation for hardcore, dark rap. That dark shit.”