Label: Bad Boy Records

A$AP Yams: “As far as impact, yeah. But Harlem World, you know it has it’s whole... Harlem World it has just as good bad records as it has good records. It wasn’t no balance in it. It was really cheesy fucking records or really, really good records.

“It was everything. Not only that, but we used to see him around the way. That’s what’s up about it. He’ll be at the park, or a BBQ or something like that, and then you’ll see him on TV and shit like that, or the radio. It just molded the whole soundscape uptown. Uptown definitely had the sound back then, as far as like, digging in the crates and shit, you know what I’m saying? You was either in the buckwild beat, or some kind of new jack swing. It kind of really elevated the sound for what, you know, uptown, the Bronx, and Harlem was supposed to sound like. And it really broadened the jiggy era of rap music too.”