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A$AP Yams: “Dipset was the first rappers to ever put out a mixtape, collectively, sold their mixtape on their own. Everybody was submitting their records to mixtape DJs, to the radio, things of that nature. Dipset, they said, ‘Fuck that. Let’s put our own single through the mixtape.’ Not only that, but, ‘Let’s take other motherfucker’s beats, let’s rap on it, let’s speak on it, let’s make them complete, full, songs.’ They did that six months before G-Unit was down with that. It inspired G-Unit to do that on the low.

“Like they took the ‘Maria, Maria’ record and made a whole nother song of it. It got very dark for Maria in Spanish Harlem breh. They was the first rappers to ever independently put out their own mixtape, and not only sell that motherfucker, but get radio to play it. Every record—I remember the fucking record with Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel, that was on the radio. ‘Oh Boy’ was on the radio. ‘Ambitions of a Killa’ was on the radio. That’s off a mixtape. They really set the standards for everybody else that dropped a mixtape from then till now. This whole decade. It’s been a whole decade since that tape actually dropped, and that mixtape set a standard for every mixtape for the next ten years.”