Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Producer: The Kickdrums

A$AP Rocky: “I feel like it would’ve been so good on the album, but I can’t put that on. Everybody heard it. It fucked me up, 'cause that was a masterpiece. That song is really dope. It’s just they want to be thirsty and leak the lyrics that I did when I was freestyling for a reference to take it home and actually make real lyrics. It was embarrassing, 'cause some people don’t know that. They don’t know the story behind it. That that’s not something I would put out.

“I fucks with Lana. Her music is dope. Personally, she’s a really big inspiration for me. Her stuff is like...I feel like she’s a female version of me. She’s eclectic, in things that she chooses, the beats she chooses. We work with the same producers for our albums, so it’s just kind of crazy. I mean, I worked with Skrillex and Florence and the Machine for this thing, man.”