Album: Break Dance - Electric Boogie
Label: Sugar Hill
Producer: Joey Robinson, Jr. & Lealand Robinson

Sugar Hill Records liked to keep things in the family. West Street Mob was a funk trio that included Joey Robinson Jr., son of Sugar Hill founders Joe and Sylvia Robinson; their 1981 hit "Get Up and Dance" was post-Chic boogie with some P-Funk touches-occasional Mr. Wiggles the Worm-style talk-box backtalk.

But by 1983, electro was everywhere, and "Break Dance (Electric Boogie)," the title cut from their second and last album, featured heavily synthesized voices (a la Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5's "Scorpio" the year before) over a Bongo Band loop. Aimed straight at DJs and dance floors, it established that using the original recording for five minutes without cease wasn't a bad way to go.